Media Services

I have worked for both organisations and individuals offering a number of audio-visual services; if you would like to ask me about anything in more detail or get a price, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. Also to give you an idea of how I’m set up, here’s a list of my kit.

Filming and sound recording
I offer high definition video production using my own professional camera and audio equipment or, as I have worked with a wide range of AV equipment, I can use whatever kit the client has at their disposal. Whether you are an individual looking for someone to produce a high quality family video, a business wishing to document an event or create promotional material or a film crew in need of extra camera operators, I can deliver professional results.

Video editing and rendering
I generally use Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Media Encoder for my video productions, but I have also regularly used Final Cut Pro and various other editing programmes. If you would like me to edit some existing footage, I am happy for you to send me the rushes by post or digitally via services such as Dropbox (file sizes permitting), or alternatively collection or on-site editing can be arranged.

Taking your video to disc or web
Already have your video files edited and ready to go? I use a combination of Adobe Encore and Photoshop to create DVD or Blu-ray menus and I can either go ahead and burn the finished product to a master disc for you, or send you the disc image file as required. I can also convert and optimise video files to suit your specifications for uploading to the internet.

Media conversion/clean-ups
I offer a variety of file conversions and clean-ups, from transferring VHS or DV tape to disc/web formats to digitizing and cleaning up photographs scanned from old slides (I have the facilities to scan slides if required). If you’d like to know if I can do it, just ask!

Creative workshops
I have led many workshops with both young people and adults on the use of creative software and equipment, mainly with a focus on filmmaking or animation but occasionally other pursuits such as image editing and comic creation. I have taught at schools, youth/art centres, museums and village halls, and can usually tailor activities to the age, needs and abilities of your group.

Graphic design, copywriting and proofreading
I have produced logos, fliers, web copy and other publicity materials for various events and organisations, and on occasion have proofread professional documents for people; while I have less experience in this area than with the other services above, I am keen to expand my portfolio and would charge a fee reflective of my experience, which may suit projects with a limited budget.