Personal creative projects

My own individual or collaborative works, created purely for art’s sake! For more information about each video please follow the link to view them on Vimeo.

My Magic Hat

A short film I made with my younger nephew for a contest on Zooppa – director’s cut coming soon!


Five Film Sampler

A two minute taster of some of my favourite works, set to the soundtrack I used for my animation What a lovely way to burn

Five Film Sampler from Emma Puente on Vimeo.


What a lovely way to burn

A micro love story I shot on my desk on a day when I was home sick. This film was featured in the 2 Minute Short Film Competition in the Stuttgarter Filmwinter festival, 2014 and was also one of five winners in the IdeasTap Takeover:Love competition.

What a lovely way to burn from Emma Puente on Vimeo.


ShropFilm48 entry Unfinished Business

A short film I made with Arron Fowler and Richard Foot of R&A Collaborations for ShropFilm48, Shropshire’s first 48-hour film challenge which was organised by the good folks at Shropshire Media Network & Appletree Theatre and Film Company. The brief was to create a film no longer than 5 minutes long, with a specific prop (in this case, a map) and a line of dialogue (“could you please confirm your exact time of departure?”) that had to be included.

Unfinished Business from Emma Puente on Vimeo.

There is also an alternate version in colour with a remixed soundtrack and the scenes in chronological order, called ‘Business Unfinished’:

Business Unfinished from Emma Puente on Vimeo.


ONE creations

These are works created at the ONE (Obstructions Networking Event) workshops, the brainchild of arts practitioners and all round talented gents Arron Fowler and Martin Sumner, whereby participants are invited to create a piece of artwork within the parameters of certain criteria, or obstructions (an idea inspired by Lars Von Trier’s film The Five Obstructions). ONE is a regular-ish event which initially took place at The Hive (formerly Belmont Arts Centre) and is now usually held at The Creative Studio, Butcher Row, Shrewsbury, run by Arron Fowler and photographer Richard Foot. For more information about ONE, please contact Arron via his website above or via Facebook as details of forthcoming ONE events are usually posted there. Details regarding the most recent event at the time of writing can be found here

Remember (November 2011)


  • I could not be recognisable in the video (I am nowhere to be seen)
  • Theme: ‘ending’ (references to the slow decline of childish imagination as we get older)
  • Make a 3D object and feature it twice (anaglyph images at the end)
  • Abandon a technique/success strategy I usually use (I used stills rather than straight video)
  • I had to interfere with the work of the other practitioners (I interrupted them all to get them to draw pictures on post-its!)

Remember from Emma Puente on Vimeo.

Em’s ONE Day (March 2010)

Sadly I can no longer remember the obstructions for this oddity, although I may have them on a piece of paper somewhere – if I find them I’ll post them here 🙂

Em’s ONE Day from Emma Puente on Vimeo.

Sequencen (echo) (February 2008)

A collaborative Flash piece made with my partner, artist Michael Takeo Magruder, referencing our first meeting in the corridor of the very same building where this workshop was held 🙂


  • A theme of ‘first memory’ (the artwork references our first meeting in a corridor of Belmont Arts Centre)
  • No use of traditional AV equipment (mobile phones were used for both recording and in-production effects)
  • Audio and video must be recorded separately (two mobile phones were used to simultaneously capture the audio and video)
  • The final composition must be a non-linear structure (the artwork is an algorithmic Flash sequence)
  • The film edit can only include sequences with time-code numbers made of 0s and 1s (the Flash timeline conforms to this rule)

This piece is archived on Michael’s website here; click the ‘enter artwork’ link at the bottom of the page to see it in action!