Examples of work created in workshops. I conduct creative workshops mainly with children and young people aged 12-18 (although I have led sessions with younger children and adults too) and can cater for a range of ages and abilities. Most of the work I do centres around making short films or animations. Unfortunately I have made many more workshop videos over the years than I have actually kept copies of, but here are a few of my favourites!

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Theatr Brycheiniog Animations

I was commissioned to do some animation workshops at different locations in Wales in June and December 2013, which not only provided me with the opportunity to visit/drive through some very picturesque places but also bring the joys of stop-motion to young people with little access to such activities (and to work with some lovely people!). Find out more on my blog.

Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni animation 03.12.2013 from Emma Puente on Vimeo.

Sblash o Olau animations from Emma Puente on Vimeo.

Workshops at The Hive, Shrewsbury

Moviedrome Compilation

A compilation of some of my favourite work from Moviedrome, a long-running programme of filmmaking workshops I led at The Hive for young people over several years. Happy to say I’m still in touch with some of these guys!


Hive Showreel

Bit of a blast from the past this one so apologies for the low res-ness… I wore many hats during my time at the The Hive Music and Media Centre (2004-2010), but among my main responsibilities were managing in-house video production and creative workshops. I did most of the editing for this old showreel (most but not all, since some of the shooting and editing were tasks we assigned to young people on work experience; bit more exciting than making tea and doing mailouts) and I was involved with all of the projects shown here. Hyperlink was a Big Lottery-funded project aimed at teaching young people to create using affordable equipment and software that they could find online for free; this gave myself and the other workshop leaders a lot of scope to research and experiment with new programmes so it was a lot of fun. I also took over the project management of Hyperlink for its final year which was a really good, challenging experience.

Moviedrome was my baby – a weekly filmmaking workshop (mentioned above) in which I had a wonderful motley crew of participants, some of whom I am still in touch with years later and I am delighted to report that many have continued in their creative pursuits. They made some genuinely clever and hilarious films which we put together onto a mighty DVD.

Lastly were the monthly live music nights, ‘Live at the Hive’ – I was more of a technician on this project, setting up the cameras to film the performances and also putting together the set-up for the VJing and live camera feed. I did a lot of the filming for this early on but where we could we had young people take over this aspect so I mainly just edited and archived the footage towards the end of my time there. Anyway, enjoy!


Titanic animations – Ludlow Assembly Rooms

Two videos created during a short stop-motion animation workshop for children aged 11+ at Ludlow Assembly Rooms, Shropshire, 27 October 2011.

We were given the theme of the Titanic due to the Titanic Honour and Glory Exhibition showing 28 Oct – 10 Dec 2011, which worked well as the participants all knew the story, and it was fairly easy to replicate in plasticine 🙂

Virtual Museum workshops – Thinktank Science Museum

In 2009 I led a series of workshops at Thinktank Science Museum in Birmingham with groups of young people to create collaborative artworks using mobile phones and 3D technology – this was to coincide with the launch of Data_Sea, an art installation created for the planetarium by artist Michael Takeo Magruder.

Click here for more information and to enter the resulting 3D artwork (please read compatibility notes as it may not work on some browser versions)

Screengrab of the Virtual Museum real-time data sculpture