A shameless plea…

Next week my partner and I are off to Germany as he is one of the artists featured in the Stuttgart Filmwinter festival (which means I have only a few days to learn some semblance of German – eek)

I edited a video for him in which he explains the artwork being featured – the work is entitled ‘Insurance.AES256’ and concerns the mysterious encrypted file released by controversial whistle-blowing organisation Wikileaks; the file’s contents have, as yet, still not been unlocked. This video is one of seven entered into a competition on the Film Winter site, and €500 will be given to the artist featured in the video with the highest ratings.

So my shameless plea? Please click on the video ‘Insurance.AES256’ by Michael Takeo Magruder and rate it 5 stars! You just have to click on the video and click on the 5th star, easy peasy! Here is the link, the site is in German but here is the Google-translated version:


Edit: it seems some people are having trouble with the translated link, here’s the original

If you’d like to read more about the artwork or look at some of its online iterations, please check out the information on Michael’s website



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