Red Kite Flights

My partner and I recently got back from three weeks in the US visiting friends and family (I also did a bit of filming while I was out there, more on that soon), but my last project before we went was setting up a WordPress site for Red Kite Flights, a bespoke hot air ballooning service offering flights in a 4-person balloon (the titular Red Kite) piloted by our friend Peter.

Although WordPress has excellent support and tutorials for the novice user, the world of website creation can be a bit bamboozling for the non-technical amongst us and as he is a busy man and knew that I had a WordPress site myself, Peter asked if I would create a simple, easily navigable site to promote Red Kite Flights with a clean yet attractive design which would not visually bombard the viewer, but make the relevant information easily accessible.

Red Kite Flights is a trading name of The Ballooning Business Limited which has a range of balloons, many of which can carry much larger groups – the site promoting Red Kite specifically was to be a significant stylistic departure from the Ballooning Business’ site, and we decided that it shouldn’t need more than a maximum of four pages to provide all of the required information, and that the aesthetics should be simple yet modern; as you can see from the links above we went for a very different style to the original site!

A nice straightforward project, my favourite kind 🙂


About Emma Puente

A believer in having many strings to one’s bow, I am a freelance video producer, ESL tutor, and gardener based in the West Midlands and I am always looking for new projects and opportunities. I’ve yet to find one that combines all three of these things, so if you have something like that for me you might just make my day. ^_^ Contact: mail (at) emmapuente (dot) com
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