Deconstructed Metaverse v1.0 promo video

This is the latest promotional video I put together for Michael, for a rather lovely piece called Deconstructed Metaverse v.1.0 that he created with Drew Baker and Erik Fleming. Michael and I both took photographs of the work in situ at the Nottingham Playhouse, but the video is all my own (only I would torture myself trying to get those tilt shots)

Deconstructed Metaverse v1.0 is a virtual/physical artwork examining the underlying technological frameworks that comprise today’s shared virtual environments. This work is a 2012 commission by The Cutting Room project in partnership with Nottingham Playhouse with funds from National Lottery through Arts Council England and generous support from the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London and Type Creative, PLC.

To find out more about this artwork please visit this page on Michael’s website: Deconstructed Metaverse v1.0

More information about The Cutting Room and the exhibition in which this work was featured here


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