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It feels like ages since my last blog, the last month has flown by… Anyway firstly I just want to briefly sing the praises of arts networking events – you hear a lot of different views as to how effective or useful these things are, but the reason my last few weeks have gone by so quickly is because going to all these local gatherings has led to new collaborators and a new job 🙂

I ran into the lovely folks at jam-av several times at various events organised by Creative Enterprise, who do really good work providing many different training and networking opportunities for people working in the arts across the West Midlands that are often free to attend. We got to talking and I ended up helping out as an extra camera bod for an interesting project called Peace Through Unity, in which young people are given the opportunity to meet and talk to war veterans, hearing their stories and working together to explore the meaning of peace while celebrating it with creative projects including making a short film, writing poetry, etc. I found it really interesting to observe the respect and fascination the students held for the veterans, and they had many interesting questions for them. They were often clearly moved by the stories they heard and I think that everyone involved seemed to take something positive from the experience.

I am now also teaching the film and TV module at the Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts which also came about through jam-av, who knew the principal well and put me in touch. It has been a while since I did any teaching on a regular basis but I’m having a great time with it, it’s nice to get my teeth stuck into some new projects and I’ve been impressed with the students’ capabilities. It’s only been a few weeks but we already have a complete film, a fun little horror from my oldest afternoon group called ‘Rocks in the water’; as soon as I get it uploaded to the PQA website I’ll post a link. We will be working to produce a number of films to screen at the students’ showcase towards the end of the year so watch this space!


About Emma Puente

A believer in having many strings to one’s bow, I am a freelance video producer, ESL tutor, and gardener based in the West Midlands and I am always looking for new projects and opportunities. I’ve yet to find one that combines all three of these things, so if you have something like that for me you might just make my day. ^_^ Contact: mail (at) emmapuente (dot) com
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