PRO-crastination (not to be confused with procrastination)

PRO-crastination: Putting off some projects to work on others less urgent, but no less worthwhile. Hey, it’s still being productive!

On a day when I was home sick late last year I decided not to give into the temptation of lying around like a box all day, but to do something productive. As well as responding to a brief my friend Arron gave me with my first attempt at  flash fiction, I also shot a little animation on my desk which then proceeded to sit around on my hard drive for several months waiting for a soundtrack… then when perusing Jamendo today I found the perfect piece by artist Mark van den Borre. After much tweaking and fiddling and putting off the things I should really have been doing, it is done. Voila!

About Emma Puente

I am a freelance artist mainly working with digital video, regularly managing video productions for both organisations and individuals and specialising in the documentation of arts events, exhibitions and performances and interviews, as well as creating my own films. In my own work, I like to examine the poetry in the commonplace, the beauty that goes unnoticed, and the ‘what if?’ I work with a variety of technologies ranging from high definition broadcast suites to low-cost mobile devices. Clients and employers have included British Library Labs, PQA, NCS The Challenge, Kings College London, Thinktank Science Museum and AL Control Laboratories. I am an independent Arts Award Advisor (trained to Gold level) and have worked with numerous community arts organisations in the UK, sharing my skills with young people interested in media production and the creative industries. I have produced and delivered hundreds of video projects, technology-based workshops and public art events. I also offer services such as media conversion, image editing and occasionally design/illustration work. I have my own equipment and car, and can multi-task like a fiend. Contact: mail (at) emmapuente (dot) com Vimeo Facebook LinkedIn
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